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College Students


ADHD College Solutions 

Coaching & Consulting

*In person or on Zoom



Summer: Navigate a Successful Transition (or Return) to College

Providing structured, solution-oriented one-on-one coaching to students with ADHD and/or Executive Function challenges during the summer before college (or after struggling in college) to set them up for success both academically and in the other crucial aspects of their college life.


During the College Semester: ADHD/Executive Function Coaching 

Meeting with students at the beginning of the semester and thereafter on a weekly basis, with mid-week check-ins, to support their success by collaborating with students to plan, problem-solve, hack syllabae, navigate resources, and address issues in a timely and effective manner.  


Parent Consulting 

Providing guidance to parents on how to help prepare their student and/or themselves for the college transition, including issues to address proactively, understanding the accommodations process in college vs. high school, how to utilize a more collaborative approach to problem-solve with their student, and much more. 

About Me: 
ADHD & Executive Function Coach & Consultant

Christy is the owner and founder of ADHD College Solutions and proud mom of triplet sons completing their senior year of college.


“Like many moms who have sons or daughters with ADHD, I had consistently researched and educated myself on ADHD and the best practices and approaches for supporting my sons, with a focus on doing so in the most strengths-based, encouraging manner possible."


"After having academic and overall success in high school, I assumed they would naturally carry that success into their freshman year of college. However, the transition was unexpectedly difficult. I found myself asking repeatedly ‘Why did I not know how difficult this would be? Why do we have to reinvent the wheel on every issue we come across? Who can I trust to help my sons navigate this experience?’  This difficult transition, as well as what I have learned as a result and the turnaround I have seen, were the impetus and drive behind creating this business.”


Christy completed a six month, 90 hour ADHD-specific coach training program through JST Coaching & Training, the pioneer in research-based ADHD student coaching. This intensive training deepened her knowledge about the ADHD brain, the impact of delayed development of executive function skills that often accompanies ADHD, and the most effective techniques and approaches to collaborate on solutions and strategies to help students with ADHD be more informed, prepared and confident in all aspects of their transition to college.


“It’s a matter of not only learning strategies but also tailoring those strategies for maximum effectiveness at the point of performance. I have learned the value and effectiveness of shifting from a directive approach to a collaborative approach to engage the student in the problem-solving process, which increases 'buy in' and effectiveness, simultaneously building confidence toward independence.”


As a former business litigation attorney, Christy’s approach is streamlined, organized and goal-oriented but also strengths-based, positive, encouraging, and engaging.


“This program is the guidance and support I would have wanted had I known how difficult the transition to college would be. This proactive approach is designed to reduce stress and anxiety, increase confidence, support academic success, and help students move toward independence.”

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Christy Noworyta Smith, Esq.,
ADHD & Executive Function
Coach & Consultant

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