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College Semester:
Academic, Executive Function, and Life Coaching


  • 50 minute individual coaching sessions (*2x/week for the first 3 weeks of the semester and 1x/week for the remainder of semester)

  • Individualized text prompts 3/week regarding weekly goals/deadlines

  • Unlimited student-initiated texting

  • Assessment of executive function strengths and challenges for student's awareness, goal-setting and use in coaching 

  • Assessment of character strengths for awareness and encouragement

During the first 3 weeks of the semester: 

Hacking the Syllabus

for Each Class

  • Work together to hack each syllabus to identify the components of the course, assignment deadlines, resources required, what's important to the professor, and other key details.

  • Complete concise table with crucial information to refer back to. 

Calendar Assignment Deadlines & Create Plan of Study

  • Work together to populate student's calendar with class schedule, assignment deadlines, tests, and paper and project due dates. 

  • Create a weekly plan of study and identify potential obstacles and possible resources.

  • Reviewing the weekly calendar

  • Collaborating on weekly plan of study

  • Creating personal goals and assessing progress toward those goals

  • Coaching on issues of student's choosing. Could include: 

    • Managing email, Canvas inbox and announcements

    • Overcoming barriers to using campus resources

    • Tools and technology useful for ADHD and Executive Function challenges

  • Executive Function Issues

    • Time Management

    • Planning & Prioritizing

    • Organization

    • Task Initiation/Avoiding Procrastination

    • Sustained Attention

    • Goal-Directed Persistence

    • Self-Advocacy

    • Life Balance

    • Self-care 

  • Addressing limiting beliefs and cognitive distortions 

During the remainder of the semester:
*Please contact to discuss pricing. 
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