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Navigating a Successful Transition (or Return) To College
*Customized to meet student's needs. Topics may include these or others:


Managing Emails, Canvas Inbox & Announcements

  • Working together on effective methods for to managing, organizing and simplifying.

  • Why it's so important. 

Reduce Procrastination & Increase Motivation

  • Identifying causes of and creating  individualized strategies for avoiding procrastination and increasing motivation.

  • Creating most effective environment for performance and sustained attention. 

Planning & Reminder Systems

  • Collaborating to develop a planning and reminder system that works for the individual student! Practice using, and continue tweaking, to develop an effective system. 

  • Every brain is unique, so this is a process! An absolute must for college.


  • Understanding the types of accommodations that are available, why they're important, and how they're different from supports in high school. 

*Must be started early 

How to Hack the Syllabus

for Each Class

  • Learn how to hack a lengthy syllabus to identify the key components of the course, resources required, what's important to the professor, and other key details.

  • Utilize concise tables with crucial information to refer back to. 

Self-Advocacy & Utilizing Campus Resources

  • Explore ways to advocate for yourself with professors and why it's important.

  • Explore helpful campus resources, how to access them, where they're located, and potential obstacles to using them.

Tools & Technology

  • Explore apps, tools and devices useful for ADHD and Executive Function challenges, to externalize Executive Function-related tasks. 

  • Reviewing alarm options useful for students with ADHD and working together to find optimal solutions.

Medication Management

  • Addressing how student will obtain, refill and manage their medications.

  • Identifying how student will remember to take medications. 

Identify Strengths & Assess Executive Functions

  • Identify strengths and how to utilize those strengths to meet student's goals.

  • Assess executive functions to identify areas of strength and weakness and implement workarounds where needed. 

Campus Involvement & Social Plan 

  • Explore and identify potential clubs, groups and activities to get involved with to create connection on campus. 

  • Identify how to contact and make initial contact. 

Activities of Daily Living 

  • Laundry

  • Groceries

  • Finances

  • Exercise

  • Medical Appointments

  • Etc. 

*Pricing starting at $150/60-minute session, with text follow ups. Package rates available. 
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